Bespoke Process

Bespoke process suits and sports jackets for men or women are like original works of art, meticulously crafted to enhance your appearance like never before. With the right fit, quality, and style, you will feel more comfortable and confident than ever. Our personalized approach ensures that your new suit or jacket is tailored to your unique preferences and specifications.

At Bourjois Bespoke, we start by discussing your personal style and providing guidance, but ultimately, you have the freedom to choose everything from fabrics, colors, and fit to lapel size, detailing, buttons, pockets, lining, and more. We then take very detailed measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Custom patterns are created specifically for your suit, and you will have two or three fittings to ensure your complete satisfaction.

This level of attention to detail is an absolute must for true bespoke process suits and sports jackets. While bespoke suits will make everyone look better, they are especially essential for athletic and hard-to-fit body types. Our goal is to create a garment that not only fits you perfectly but also reflects your individual style and personality.

A true bespoke custom tailoring process will require several different fittings. It’s the only way to achieve the best possible fit and appearance. Don’t be misled that a bespoke suit can be created simply by taking your measurements, making patterns, and creating a suit. There are no shortcuts to a true bespoke garment!

A challenge to compare quality and craftsmanship!
We invite you to take on our challenge and see the difference for yourself. Bring us your favorite suit, and compare the tailoring to a Bourjois bespoke suit or sportscoat. You’ll experience firsthand the superior craftsmanship, impeccable fit, and unmatched quality that sets our garments apart. Discover the transformative power of a truly bespoke suit or jacket and elevate your style to new heights.

Bespoke Tailoring Process