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I have over thirty years of experience in the clothing industry as a master tailor, and consultant, both as an owner and as the master tailor of an ultra-luxury clothing store. My experience as a master tailor allows me to exceed the most captious of tastes: including design and completion of men’s and women’s clothing from straight pieces of material to ultra-luxurious final finish, as well as accept the most complicated alterations, with added distinction as a referral source for difficult to complete projects in the field.

My experience in the proper presentation of material and garments, managing sales and productivity, and training novices to the level of master tailor is unmatched in the occupation. I attribute my success to having unique interpersonal skills, attention to detail, work ethic, and resourcefulness. These characteristics have allowed me to meet and exceed expectations, ensure absolute customer loyalty and satisfaction, and gain new business through referrals.

Bespoke tailoring is more an art than a science. As a practitioner of the art, I take a great deal of pride in the skills that I have developed, and the works that I present to my clients. Whether it is the creation of a bespoke garment or a reshaping of an old favorite, I’m not satisfied unless the look and fit are up to my standards.

Michael Shahwan, Master Tailor, Bourjois Bespoke