Made-to-measure menswear.

“Made-to-measure” is a type of menswear that gives you a custom fit at a price comparable to better-grade off-the-rack garments. With custom selections, it offers real value. Bourjois starts with an exacting measuring process and then gives you a complete choice of style, color, fabric, details (such as buttons, pockets, lining, lapels, and more). Your measurements and selections are then sent to a factory where your suit or jacket is made from exclusive patterns. Once it arrives at our shop, you will be invited to try it on to ensure that the fit is correct.

The initial measuring process is critical to the success of making a garment that fits properly. Michael Shahwan is an expert at making these measurements and will take time necessary to ensure that it’s done properly. If an unskilled tailor or salesperson makes these measurements or the process is rushed, the garment will not deliver a custom fit. This is a critical process to ensure that you look your best!

A bonus of made-to-measure menswear from Bourjois is that we retain all of your measurement information. If you decide that you would like another suit in a different color or fabric, no additional measurement visits are required.

Talk to us to learn more about made-to-measure garments.

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